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      I received a free dishwasher recently. It is a regular under-counter style. I do not have the room to put it under any counter, so I want to make it into a portable. I want to be able to simply plug the fill into the dishwasher from the faucet in the kitchen sink. The drain, I will simply lay in the sink. My question is will running a flex pipe between the faucet and the fill in on the dishwasher work? I do not mind having to unscrew the nozzle on the faucet and plug in the dishwashers if I have to. Also, what size do I need the plug into the faucet from the dishwasher. The plug on the dishwasher is 1/2 od. Is there a standard size for faucets? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I don’t do too much plumbing. Thanks in advance for any help.

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      Go to appliance store and get the hose from them and make sure you have good faucet that will hold the pressure build up on it are it will leak.

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      Most all dishwashers can be converted from under the counter to portable by means of a conversion kit just for that purpose.Take the name and model number to an appliance dealer and ask for a kit.There is also kits from portable to built in.

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