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      The first @ second nipple did have the 1/2 inch allowance for threading. This plumber is using black thread sealant. Kohler specifys “tape” to be used and I’ve told him this but he insists that this is not a tape issue. He’s only coming one more time and if this fails, he’ll refund my money. How can a licensed plumber not know how to do this job? Is this a thread issue? Not enough pipe threads, so arm doesn’t screw on enough?

      I purchased a Kohler “Revival” shower/bath kit. I have hired two plumbers to install this shower arm. When the tile contractor finished tiling my shower, the nipple that the plumber did, came up short. The first plumber said that the nipple size is longer than 3 1/2 but shorter than 4 inch. So, a custom nipple needs to be cut, threaded and installed. The first plumber refused to cut the nipple, so walked off my job.
      The second plumber, came out, took a nipple, screwed into the pipe fitting inside the wall, measured where the wall came to the nipple, then threaded it. But, when he screwed the shower arm on, it leaked behind the shower arm, down the tile wall. He said it was leaking because the nipple was not screwed into the shower arm far enough. How could this happen?
      How can a nipple be installed in this situation? The shower arm butts up against the tile wall, there’s no esteuction piece, just the arm.
      I don’t want to buy another shower arm. This one, matches the tub spout. I also cannot return it, since I’ve used all the other pieces that came in this kit. The arm is the last piece to be installed in this shower.



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      He cut the nipple to short, he did no alow for make up. Get a new nipple and put it in and mark it at wall and allow 1/2″ for make up.

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