small white pebbles in my showerhead, any advice?

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      Charlie Alexander

      hi all,

      i recently had both my shower heads blocked by small white pebbles (at the same morning) and initially thought that it was due to the hard water my city is known for.

      A few friends thought it may be my dipstick (4+ year old water heater) or galvanized pipe the causing most of the calculus build up. I’m not sure what galvanized piping is… and after some research someone said it could be the anode? HELP?! how do i differentiate if it is just hard water or any of the above – can i do so without professional help?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Retired plbg1

      Use some vinegar are something to desolve the lime and see how it works. It is build up of calcium in the hard water only thing to stop it is water softner.

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