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      Hi, I’m a grade 12 high school student and recently I’ve become interested in becoming a plumber after high
      school. I really no nothing about it and I was wondering if you could tell me what I need to do, what courses I need,
      what to do after highschool, and how I can learn more about plumbing itself.
      Any info or links would be great.
      Thank you

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      READ the local code (plumbing) Learn as much math as possible as your going to need it to be a REAL plumber not the kind of person who just dabbles in this profession.

      Try to get into the United Association of plumbers and steam fitters.(AFL-CIO) Be prepared for a 5 year apprenticeship (10,000 hrs) 144 hours per year of class room study
      codes, math, welding, brazing, soldering, blue print drawing and reading. Basic isometric drawings.
      Basic chemistry and metallurgy.

      Learning hydrostatic formulas such as a gallon of water weights 8.33 pounds and a cubic ft of water is 7.48 gallons and 3.14159265 the radius sq length height in feet will tell you how many cubic feet of water are in a cylindrical tank BUT if it is in inches then you have to figure the following Pi R sq divided by 231 because there are 231 inches in a gallon.

      Of course you will learn about friction losses and to find how high a pump can pump water you would take the pressure 2.31 and to find hydrostatic pressure under no flow conditions you would take the height of the water column .434 . PLUMBING is what you make of it. One thing I can tell you NO ONE can ever learn it all. If you seriously want to learn more about being a REAL plumber and not the jack legs walking around just doing tract housing send me an E mail and ILL answer any questions you may have OR put you in touch with other real professionals in this profession. The math is only avery small part of it as we “plumbers” deal with federal,state,city codes plus various codes on barrier free designs and safe water drinking act not including OSHA 1910 the American Gas association rules and regulations and GAMA and ASSE and ASTM and ASME ( boiler and pressure vessels) National fire protection Associationand other piping organizations. There is a whole lot more to “plumbing” than most folks realize. You can specialize in just drainage systems
      or putting in chill water systems to lazer beams and hospital plumbing. One thing about this field IF taken seriously it can be one hell of a learning experience with great pay if you take it seriously. It all depends on what YOU put into it like anything else in life .. You may want to read my articles on the top of this page and go to “plumbviews” and read my column. Good luck SylvanLMP

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