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      I have a well and holding tank. Just had hot water heater replaced and now after the water has been off for several hours, when you turn on the hot water there is spuutering of the water. This goes on for about 30 secs and then seems to be ok. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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      Sounds like you have some air trapped in the pipe system somewhere’s. Given sufficient time and water volume passing through them it should slowly dissapear. If not then you will have to have the system bleed to release the air.

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      You have the wrong annode in the hot water system.

      In a hot water system you have a black anode (magnesium) for area’s with less than 600 parts per million of suspended solids (not sure of the correct expression , but the count is correct)any higher than that and the anode bubbles. Hence above that count you use a blue anode (aluminum). Its possible under those circumstances that given the unit with a black anode in an area with the count greater than 600ppm WILL create bubbling in the tank.


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