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      I am still having major problems with my noisy pipes. Now i find that when I turn on a faucet and the loud humming noise starts, if i turn on any other faucet in the house, the noise will stop. Once i turn off the faucet it makes a hort humming noise again. What is this? We had a plumber out who thought it was a toilet, but when the noise happens i turn off water to every toilet and it still happens…HELP!!

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      Try each fixture one at a time and turn it off until you come to the fixture making the noise, it usualy is a loose washer in the faucet are valve.

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      would a malfunctioning expansion tank cause this issue? If the problem was something loose in a faucet wouldn’t it happen all the time…for example…last night i was running the water quite a bit and after running the water for awhile, the humming stopped and then for the rest of the night i could turn on any faucet and not hear a single sound…yet this morning it’s back to the usual hum…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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