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      Hello All:

      Let me preface this post with the fact that I am not a plumber or plumbing professional. I am a relatively knowlegeable homeowner.

      I recently had problem with high pressure (over 35 lbs) on my Peerless gas-powered home heating boiler. The boiler is over 30 years old. Since I had a service contract with the local utility, I had them come out to check the system. The recommendation was a new expansion tank (which the contract didn’t cover). I was advised to drain the system, install the tank and refill/bleed the system.

      I did as instructed. The system has a drain spiget at the bottom of the furnace near the floor as well as a spiget on the return lines from each of 2 zones. I have run water through each of these spigets. I have bled air out the pressure release valve. The furnace has an automatic bleeder just before the expansion tank.

      However, I still have gurgling in the lines. I have checked all the radiators on the 2nd story and none have and bleeders. How can I remove remaining air?


      Mike G.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      You’ve done what was necessary, perhaps some detail about the method could be improved. Read the Air Problems section at

      You might have missed a step or need to repeat it.

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