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      Jason Villeneuve

      Everytime I have flushed my toilet, I get a banging sound everytime the flushing has finished. I lifted the cover off the cistern and looked inside. It sounds as though the noise is coming from the base of the main water pipe. The noise comes after the cistern has filled with water. Can you let me know why there is this banging noise?

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      Hi The most likley cause of the banging is water hammer this is normally caused by 1. a loose jumper in a stop valve 2. high water pressure 3. loose pipes. I assume you are in USA where your water pressures are normally higher than us in the UK. Try and determine where the banging is coming from by listening on the pipe back to the entry point.I think also you use shock assorbing devices in your pipework to combat this problem you would need a Plumber to fit this. PS. a jumper is the bit in the valve that is driven down to shut down the flow you may call it by some other name. Hope this helps Colin

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      Thanks for the reply. I live in the UK. After reviewing another website, I took some advice. I shut off the main valve in the house, emptied all taps, and slowly turned on the main valve. After all taps were flowing water normally, I turned the main valve completely open after shutting off the taps. This fixed the big banging sound which has now turned into a solid squeeling noise. Any ideas?

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      Hi Mvirdi Yes sounds more like the float(ballvalve) in the cistern.In UK WCs normally fed from a cistern.Check the ball is sound.change the washer or the whole valve, other trick is to bend the arm if brass to one side VERY CAREFULLY, go up and look at the valve after flushing the WC you need long arms if your on your own, just joking.Sorry your name looked american. Hope this helps. Colin

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