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      We just replaced pb pipe in our 1984 house in Feb/00. We don’t qualify for the current class action suits,
      but our plumber mentioned a new suit coming about in March. Do we have any recourse, or do you know about any new class action suits?

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      I don’t know of any “new” suits that you would qualify for, but you might try seeking partial reimbursement from the Spencer Facility. To qualify your system needed a specific type of plastic/aceytal fitting. For additional information contact:

      CLASS ACTION – Spencer Class Facility – 800-490-6997 –

      If any of your friends or neighbors need a repipe in the future, direct them to for a comprehensive not-for-profit site that provides information and referrals to expert contractors.

      If you have any additional questions, you can submit them through or post them to this site.

      Poly Doctor

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