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      charyll dosdos rosario

      I need to replace a non-functioning service shut-off valve where the service enters the house under the crawl-space. The problem is the vault in the street containing the meter does not offer a turn-off valve. My plan was to silver-solder a ball valve to 3/4 pipe with a compression union at the other end. I would then cut the service line below the non-functioning valve and, with water flowing and ball-valve open, connect the compression union over the existing 3/4 service line. Once the compression union is tightened, I could close the ball-valve and connect to the distribution side. ANY IDEAS OR COMMENTS WELCOME…THANKS…Tommy

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      Retired plbg1

      You should have a stop box at the property line have water co. locate it. The way you talk sounds easy but when you get that 50 or 100 # water hitting you then you have a problem. If it is copper they have a crimping tool you can use to stop the water and also freeze the line with dry ice are co-2.

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      Tommy ,the pipe you are going to put the compression union on might be out of round and THE UNION MIGHT NOT SLIP ON .Ford Meter Company makes all kinds of compression adaptors for all types of pipes.Ask your local plumbing shops if they stock Ford adaptors.I use them all alot on lead water services that can not be shut off,saves digging up the main supply line.These adaptors have a rubber sleeve in them ,which will allow them to fit on irregular or out of round pipes.Works for me. You can make up the new shut off valve on the other end of the adaptor,open up the new valve ,cut the line ,slip on the adaptor and tighten it up ,shut off new valve and you are done.

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      THANK-YOU kindly for replies, I WILL contact water co., and use the rubber compression coupling…THANKS again

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