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        We have a up flushing toliet that has leak when flushing. We found the problem part that is leaking. It was
        made by McPherson, Inc. out of Tampa, FL. I went looking for a new valve and was told the company went out of business
        4 years ago. The toliet is stamped with S-553. I’m trying to locate someone that might still have some parts or even a
        complete toliet. They gave us some other suggestion to fix. They will cost $450 to $900. Before we spend that I
        would like to find a value or an alternitive fix. Hope you might have some suggestion. Thanks.

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        Avatar photoCheryl
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          Avatar photoScott Bryan

            I put a note on the board a week or so ago and I am looking for samples of the internal parts for the McPherson up-flush toilets so we can manufacture replacement parts for the unit. If you can live without the toilet for a little while and would like to lend us your parts for samples please contact me and we will see if we can fix your problem.


        Viewing 2 reply threads
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