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      Charles E. Haney

      I’m replacing the valves in my tub (Gerber 3 handle). No problems except I can’t get the old valve seats out. They’re frozen pretty good. I’ve tried penetrating lubricant and spraying CLR to dissolve the build up. They’re not moving. At this point I’m doing more harm than good because they’re stripping. I have installed the new valves so I can have water again. It’s working ok, but I’d rather address this sooner than later. Any advice?

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      Retired plbg1

      Some of those valves the seats are made not to come out. Get the name of the valve and check the manufacture.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. In this case I’m pretty sure they’re removable as they are keyed for a seat wrench. And, the Gerber kit I purchased for the replacement has new seats in it. (that look just like what is in the valve body).

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      You might have to buy a tapered seat wrench if the inside of the seat is stripped out.I have used a screwdriver about the same size as the seat and tapped it with a hammer and turned the seat out.Dont tap to hard ,just enough to make the screwdriver grab ahold.

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      Thanks for the idea. I am using a tapered wrench already. I was considering tapping a screwdriver in as you suggested. Glad to know it’s not that crazy of an idea. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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