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        I am purchasing a new built in dishwasher. Can anyone tell me what is involved in installing this appliance?

        I am not a plumber, but I like to think I am somewhat capable at some home repair/maintenance. The store is going to charge $79 to install the dishwasher. I just want to know what is involved so I can decide if this is something I want to tackle myself or if I should just pay the contractor to install it.


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          First you have to cut into hw line and put a stop, then you need electric if you have Garbage Disp. on sink the there is a openning in it for a hose drain from DW, if you dont have that then you have to use a Y fitting on the house side of your trap , its a tailpiece then you need to connect water to DW with a 3/8″ copper tube for water. the drain has to go through a VB and then into the DIsp. Better get a PLumber are go to and ask them how to install DW.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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