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      craig yanke

      I am looking to tear out a crummy shower stall. I wanted to replace it with a higher-quality prefab “neo-angle” base, surround and glass doors. I consulted with a plumber, who is trying to dissuade me from using a prefab surround. He says they start leaking within a few years. He is recommending a base he can buy, with ceramic tile on all sides and a door on the angled sides. Is he correct about the durability of prefab shower stalls?

      Tom O’Donnell
      Urbandale, IA

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      Retired plbg1

      Tile with a base is the best but if you want the other one check them out, I think you can get a one piece shower, but check them all.

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      Most quality shower units are durable , you also could look into Swanstone shower bases and walls, swanstone is a solid surface product, ceramic tile is good also but you can have high maintenance with grout joints.

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      Thanks for the quick replies. I should clarify that this plumber says the door and glass are the parts prone to leaking, not so much the surround, though he doesn’t like that part, either. After a few years of opening and closing the doors, he believes the frames and caulking shake loose and start to leak. Is this a problem?
      Thanks again.

      Tom O’Donnell
      Urbandale, IA

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      Are all cars the same? You get what you pay for.

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