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      In a 40 unit condo area, some two units together, others four, there have been at least ten water leaks beneath the cement slabs they are built on. Neither the builder or the plumber will take any responsibility for the repair, which involves jack-hammering, making a big mess and replacing the tile/carpet/linoleum which gets damaged in the process. Is there any law covering this shoddy workmanship or does our condo association just have to keep footing the bill for these repairs?

      Thank you for your help.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      evelyn bonte. Are the condos insured? – call the insurance company.
      It may not but shoddy work but copper corrosion, do you get a blue or green stain in the fixtures? (unless the pipes are within or partly within the concrete)if the pipes are in the concrete, they shuold be sheathed so that the pipes are replaceable & so the pipes dont come in contact with the concrete.

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      If your leaks are that rampant, you may want to look at repiping instead of repairing. The cost will be about the same and you will never have to worry about it again.

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