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      Avatar photobeachbum

        We have recently begun hearing what sounds like water running. The sound is most loudly heard in the master bath and guest bath (and they back up to each other). Even if we turn off the main valve coming into the house the sound is still there. When we had the water turned off, however, if we open a sink faucet and let the remaining water come out, then the noise stops. Is this something we should be concerned about? I’m worried there might be a leak somewhere in the walls between the two bathrooms.

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Are you sure it is not your toilet leaking through thre flapper and making your ballcock run, put some egg color in tank and see if it leaks into bowl if it does replace flapper.

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          Avatar photodoreendev

            Thanks for the suggestion, and I tried it in both toilets, but no leakage, and there is no water coming into the back of the toilet through the valve either.

            Any other suggestions? Or should I call the plumber?

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            Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

              Doreendev. Your last question answers itself.

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