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      When my washing machine is on the cycle where it drains water out, air comes out of my toilet forcing violent bubbles. The air is so forcible that the water from the toilet actually splashes on the floor. In addition, the toilet flushes extremely poorly. We have to get a bucket of water to force flush. Any suggestions on how this can be remedied or what the problem is?

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      Sounds like you pipe is partly stopped up, have a cable run through the line, its kind of hard telling what it is unless you are there.

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      Thanks for your input. I will try your suggestion. May I ask you another question or two? How would I know when my septic tank needs emptied? What are the warning signs? Would this have anything to do with the toilet flushing inadequately?

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      When it gets full like mine it backed up in the floor Drains. If your pipe is full thetoilet would empty slow. Take off lid and look and if you think it is full have it pumped out.

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