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      I have a heavy Cast Iron Tub about 50 years old and is in good condition and I was wondering how much is it
      worth ?

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      MUCH less than a new one.. COME to NYC and see 75 -100 old tubs being THROWN away every day


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      Actually, it would probably cost you to have it taken away. Labor and shipping costs would make it impractical to buy it, and even then, what is perfect condition to you, after 50 years, would not be acceptable in a new installation.

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      How, then, can I break up an old cast iron tub so I can remove it in pieces?

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      Heavy sledge hammer wearing eye and face protection with long sleeve shirt and long pants as the shrapnel can cut you to ribbons.

      It can be busted in half with about 4 good solid shots

Viewing 4 reply threads
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