Cutting Copper Pipe with Abrasive wheel.

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      Dale Cullen

      Someone told me it could be done, but I wonder about it because I’ve never seen it done.

      I have about 20 3/4′ 10′ pipes (for home water supply), most of which need cutting. I am very bad when cutting M or with a handheld cutter. So if using a abrasive wheel on my miter saw is okay..I’ll consider doing so pending advice I may receive here.

      Any pros and cons are welcome. Thsi question applies to M and L.

      Thanks, CRR

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      Retired plbg1

      That will work, but protect your eyes and also ream out every cut.

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      As RetiredP says, you COULD cut the pipe with a miter saw, but why bother?

      I’ve cut all sorts of pipe with all sorts of tools: hacksaws, reciprocating saws, even oxyacetylene torches…

      But it is absurd to try to cut small diameter copper pipe with anything but a pipe cutter designed for the purpose. These cutters give you a square cut and just need reaming before assembly and solder. Using saws creates all sorts of problems. The cut may not be square. The tubing may get crushed out of round. And the OUTSIDE of the pipe often needs camfering as well as internal reaming…

      If you are having problems usining a tubing cutter, you need to get a GOOD cutter with a SHARP cutting wheel…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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