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        We are building a house and our builder wants us to use enameled steel bathtubs. His upgrade is Americast. He says enameled steel tubs can chip if shampoo bottles, etc. hit it just right. This worried me and I thought I wanted to upgrade to Americast but my research shows they too have a chipping problem. What do I choose?

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        Avatar photoGuest

          I have been using The Americast tubs since they came out and think they are great.The 1 or 2 times they got chipped was from a hammer during construction

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Steel TUBs are GARBAGE period ANYTHING has to be better BUT My personal choice has to be Enameled Cast Iron. I have used “Americast” from the month they came out. This is also a good product BUT I love the finish on CI.


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            Avatar photoArt_xyz

              Americast and C/I tubs cost about the same. As an installer I opt for Americast,it’s half the weight. As a consumer I’d opt for the C/I tub, it’ll last a life time.

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              Avatar photohj

                I was curious to see if anyone would defend the enameled steel tubs. I am glad to see that everyone is happy with Americast, but prefers cast iron. All tubs will chip if abused. They can also be fixed for a price. Americast, because of its special finish costs a little more to repair and requires a better workman to do it. but otherwise, I have no objections to it.

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