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      I’ve been watching this forum for serveral weeks. You guys are a mess! So, does intern tired plumber run this place? (LoL) He seems to be real turd burgler when it comes to replys.

      HEY retired/unemployed plumber do you like to relpy to everything ARE do you just have no life?

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      Condar. I notice that you have not got the fortitude to fill in your profile, is this because a burglar has defiled you?

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      Condar,you got that rightTired plumb.is a mess,the rest” OR ” ok.Maybe that should be “ARE” or ,shucks I dont knowre is that no?

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      Ok Bob,… I registered and filled out my profile just for you. But I want you to know, it was only for you. I wouldn’t do it for just anyone.

      Besides, I wouldn’t want you to feel insecure talking to someone you didn’t know.

      The more you complain, the slower I work.

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      Condar. I have no problem in accepting your veiled appology. I have read your profile & found that you have had 9 years experience.
      Are you a licensed plumber or a journyman?
      What sort of work do you do?
      I have been in the trade since finishing my Apprenticesip in 1968, I am very proud of the proffession & as such I have a problem with Professionals giving technical info to leypersons, so I normally suggest the correct course of action is to get a licensed Plumber, Drainer or Gasfitter.
      I believe that personal attacks on any person is detrimental to this forum & feel that Mr retired plumbing may be getting an unfair share of critiscism because he has the time to answer the posts & because he probably comes from Misouri from his accent (are instead of or)
      Give him a fair go, although I dont agree with him giving advice as to how to fix a toilet etc he is one of gods creatures & we are all different.

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      In responce to your questions, I’m not a state license holder for plumbing. In Florida that is not required for management. As where Florida does require licensed persons to publicly practice, it doesn’t require license for private/business owned enities withing it’s own company.

      If you didn’t follow that, let me give you an example: Disney world has a maintenace/engineering department. Within exists a branch deaprtment. ie plumbing. The personel is direct employee of “Disney” so they have to be licensed to work on “Disney’s” plumbing. I work for a large resort…..(I think you can follow from there)

      We maintain about 3,000 condos/house including water mains, backflows, hydrants, dainage, lift stations, etc.

      On the side I’m a computer network systems administrator for two resorts.

      Answer your questions?

      The more you complain, the slower I work.

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      Nice to see a new face and welcome to the friendliest communications network of highly qualified tradesfolk.
      If at any time you feel out of the loop then just sit back and go for the ride!!!!!!!!

      Selgas Services Ltd
      Craftsman Gasfitters, Plumbers, Electrical Service Technicians

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      I am Retired and have 53 yrs. at the trade and if I do not answer the quet. the way you like well I do the best, not like some guys just talk about other people like they know it all so aslong as I got time I will answer what I think is the right thing, so if you dont like the answer well get off your lazy butt and try to answer.

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      Tired plbg.,you didnt learn alot in 53 years did you? What a shame to have spent that much time in a trade and didnt learn a thing,especialy the difference between are and or.Or is that or and are?

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