Moldy smelly clothes caused by re-piping of house last summer?????

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      Basil W. Camic

      Here’s the problem: my clothes washer, on occasion, produces moldy/mildew smelly clothes after being washed.

      My wife swears that it must have been something that I did during the course of the re-piping our house last summer. This is only thing I can think that might cause it: During the course of installing the pipes, I sweated in a couples T’s in the ¾” hot and cold water supplies for an addition that we plan on adding later. I’ve got 12” ’s of deadend pipe attached to each of these until we use them. I’m wondering if the water in these deadend stubs will grow algae or produce mildew smelling water? But I’m also thinking that if that is the cause, then why don’t the 4 outside spigots cause it as well.

      I’ve disinfected my washer with every method I’ve found on the net. I.e. vinegar / dishwashing detergent / bleach and while it seems to fix the problem for a while, eventually it does come back. But it doesn’t happen every load. We may get 10 good loads before we start smelling it again.

      Anyone???? Thanks!

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      Retired plbg1

      This is one that BOZO can answer maybe.

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      Sure can tired plbg.But if I told them,then you would know.

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      Just a simple thought for ya – ifin ya leave clothes that have been through the full wash and spin cycle in a washer for longer than normal you can often get the smelly result you speak about.
      It apears to be caused by the combination of dampness and bleaches used in the wash chemicals.
      Give it a try as soon as it is finished doing it’s job remove the clothes from the machine.
      Almost willing to bet the smell will not return.
      Hope this helps.

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