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      My husband and I just purchased an old house in the Bay Area. When we were remodeling the bathroom we completely forgot about a vent/fan. Now we have a fixed skylight and a newly remodeled bathroom with no vent. Is there a vent out there we can just buy and not have to go into the walls again?

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      Braco to those that can do their own remodelling I take my hat off to you for I am not that skilled with a hammer and a chisel – now Plumbing that is a whole different ballgame – I am at home with that.
      Who did your plumbing when you completed the remodelling – please do not tell me it was yourself otherwise I will have to respond with – well you know who to blame – get a licenced plumber to come fix the problem then you can be assured it will comply and be safe. A small cost now will ensure you hav the job done properly.

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      Are you talking about an exhaust fan And not a plumbing vent? Peter I think you are talking about a plumbing vent or maybe I am confused.(Probably me)

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Regent put out a fan that fits into the dome of a skylite, I’me sure that in the USA this sort of product would be available.
      If you are talking about a sanitary vent then A Licensed Plumber would be your best call.

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