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      I just replaced my two handle shower with a single handle “positemp” moen faucet. now when the handle is between the hot and cold limits my pipes hammer like crazy. I checked for air. any other solutions????

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      Did the installing person have the decency of
      1- Securing the shower body properly like ANY Master/Journeyman plumber would?

      2-Did the installer bother to DISASSEMBLE the plastic parts PRIOR to soldering.

      3- Did the installer bother to TRY to get a flow rate ( Velocity) to prevent hydrolic shock and possible errosion of the piping system?

      4- Why didnt the Installer recommend a Symmons / Powers OR a Delta Anti scald Pressure temperature balance?

      5- Did the installer flush out the lines properly?

      Did the installer allow for expansion and contraction of the hot water supply piping?

      Yes answering questions RE piping sight UNSEEN is a challange HUH?


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      yes sylvanlmp—the installer is very decent…and yes to all your
      suggestions except#4
      anyone else?????

Viewing 2 reply threads
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