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      Thanks in advance for any advice.

      I moved into my townhome in 2001. The townhome was built in 1985 with the plumbing is the poly-pipe that was associated with the class action lawsuit. For unknown reasons, the previous owners did not take advantage of the lawsuit to get the replacement. Since moving in, I have had two or three relatively minor leaks in my basement at the joints of the pipe. One was close to the water heater, the others were not.

      I’m frustrated that the previous owners did not deal with this when they could, and I’m scared that I’m sitting on an expanding water balloon. At this point, do I have any recourse to take advantage of the replacement settlement?

      Thank you.


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      Ryan,I would get in touch with a plumbing shop in your area,one might be able to give you some guidance as what to do.That stuff is garbage. Sorry not much help.

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