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      I am experiencing a loud (explosion like) banging in my pipes from an oiled-fired, hot-water baseboard heating system. It occurs when the thermostat shuts off in the bedroom zone which is the highest zone in the house. Of course, it only happens at night when the service man is not there. So far my oil company (maintenance contract) has not solved the problem. It is a three zone heating system. The problem only started the past two winter seasons. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Honeywell zone valves often stop clunking when one of the two return springs in the valve head under the sheetmetal cover are removed.

      “I removed one of the springs, like he suggested, it took two seconds. The hammer was instantly eliminated. To be sure, I put the spring back on, the hammer came back, took it off again, hammer went away.”

      If the head is silent now, just keep the old spring taped inside the cover. If the other spring breaks, it has a replacement – and the head will continue to work. The spring just returns the ball to position, more slowly now. The slower action is sometime enough to stop the slam.

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