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      Due to cold, a 3/4 inch flexable copper water pipe used for hot water baseboard heat cracked. The entire length of the remaining pipe cannot be repaired because it expanded and will not accept a 3/4 inch coupler or compression fitting.

      Any ideas on how to connect the new piece of pipe to the old without busting open walls to get to the next connector.

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      use a swaging(i know i’m not spelling that right but it rymes with wedge)to expand the pipe futher to accept the new 3/4″ copper pipe.the pipe becomes it’s own coupling so to speak. you’ll have to heat the pipe to soften it be carefull!

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      I have used the block part of a flaring tool to reshape the end of the pipe so a fitting can be put on it.Just my two cents worth.

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      wow never thought of that one, i like it

Viewing 3 reply threads
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