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      dalles eang

      I would like to know what all is involved with running a hot water line from one bathroom through the wall outside and into the other bathroom.How deep should the line be buried and how would you go about insulating it.I would just safer with it running outside the house rather than in the attic….Old houses what a pain……Thanks Michael

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      As we can’t see what work is required from our computer screens I would advise you to hire the services of a suitably qualified Plumber from your area to come and have a look with the view to giving you some advice and a quotation to undertake the work for you.
      A small fee to a professional now will save you a lot of heartbreak and cussing if you try and do the work yourself and things go wrong.
      Knowledge is what we have and for a small fee we are usually willing to part with a little of it to our customers.
      What have you got to loose?

      Selgas Services Ltd
      Craftsman Gasfitters, Plumbers, Electrical Service Technicians

Viewing 1 reply thread
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