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      I have a 2nd story shower which is just above our entryway. Dripping water from the shower has created a small hole in the ceiling of the entryway, having eroded a portion of the drywall and paint. I have isolated the leak to the drain or below – if I pour a small amount of water directly into the center of the drain, avoiding the drain/base seals, it leaks.
      The shower is a 3-sides enclosed with a swinging door on the fourth side. The base is fiberglass (or plastic). The walls are a sheeted plastic or fiberglass, installed in panels.
      Based on this info, any ideas where the leak is located in the actual plumbing?
      To fix this, will I have to tear into the ceiling of the entryway and refinish it? If so, do I start there, and possibly avoid having to tear up the entire base (and walls, etc)?
      I’m preparing to sell the house, and I want it repaired, but I’m not too excited about totally remodeling my upstairs shower stall, unless I have to.
      Thanks in advance.

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      You have to remove the ceiling below so you can see where leak is comming from, dont second guese.

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