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      Catharine Rojas

      I have had the pressure releif valve replaced, but continue to have continual leaking (up to 3 cups in several hours) from the copper pipe that leads out of the hot water heater (gas). Just recently, I had a flexible tube installed on the cold water line leading into the toilet on the second floor because of a continual, sporadic air pressure surge. Can they be related? What do I need to check to see why the water heater is leaking water? Thank you so much. typetoday@earthlink.net

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      Retired plbg1

      When the water heats up fast it builds a pressure in tank and it has no place to go, you might try a expansion tank onthe heater, get the name of the heater and call the co. and ask them about a ex. tank.

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      On mains pressure gas cylinders it is normal and expected that when the gas burner lights up and begins to heat the stored water – the water will expand and as it has no where to expand to it will discharge out through one of the safety devices fitted such as a pressure and temeperture releif valve (PTR Valve) – this is quite normal and should be of no concern. If however, the water being released is continually flowing and as a result will make the gas burner run all the time to try and heat the water one would expect then that the TPR valve is in need of replacement.
      One way to overcome the constant discharge of hot water to waste is to fit a cold water relief valve (rated at approximately 70% less than the hot water one) into the cold water inlet line to the cylinder. This will then allow cold water to discharge instead of hot water and will save you costs in wasted energy consumption.
      Hope this helps.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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