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      We have been in our house for 8 months. The house was a resale, only 2 years old. Our plumbling all around is fine, we had a good builder. But our ensuite from the master bedroom toilet always makes a loud sort of banging or something when we flush it. I have no idea was it is. It might be rattling, but you can hear this noise through out downstairs when you flush. I am worried that we are doing damage or that a pipe will burst.. should be break down the wall to see.. ? anyone have any idea what this could be…? Any advice would be wonderful!

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      t sounds like it might be the ballcock, are the stop under neath with a loose washer,Get a new ballcock and put in in the tank and see if it stops. One thing you can do is lift the rod on the ballcock when it is filling and graduly pull up on it and see if it makes the noise.

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