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      How many of you plumbers out there think tired plumber should stop answering posts if he can’t give the proper reply? Also stop refering posters to go somewhere else to get a reply?I thought the purpose was to give them a reply on this site.I think he is in such a hurry to answer before anyone else,that he doesn’t think about what he says.

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      Retired plbg1

      I think you should mind your own business and maybe go to a trade school and learn Plbg. maybe you could answer a few questions instead of me answering most of them. Guys like you were the first to be layed off when I run work, maybe you and Bozo could go to CLOWN school.

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      you should have went to a trade school instead of joining the circus.You dont answer most of the questions,you just send the posters to some other place to get the answers.The only reason you would lay others off is because they knew more than you.Who do you think answered questions before you joined?You dont know the difference between are and or.Or is that or and are?If it isnt a loose washer ,you dont know the answer.Take a break ,go to school ,learn something and then come back .You are not a professional,just a wanna be. Learn basic english and how to say things. You are not one of us

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      Tired plbg. You wouldn’t make a pimple on a poor plumbers butt ,let alone a good plumbers butt

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      sorry, i can’t share your angst, it’s a free country last time i checked

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