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      Avatar photoCathy Senior

        I just replaced a faucet in our shower stall. The old faucet was a 60 y/o Moen (sp) the water lines came into it from either side and the shower feed came off the bottom. I tore only enough tile/wall out to cut the old stuff out and solder in the new. Where the shower feed was it did not just loop down and then back up to feed the shower, it formed a “T” with the pipe disapearing further down the wall. Should I try to remove this pipe? Leave it? Cap it what? It can not be a feed line as the old shower would always be on and thus it cannot feed anything else or that would be shower dependant? Was this something that was used in the 40’s to keep pipes from banging? Is this something that anyone is familiar with?

        Thank you for your consideration.

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Sounds like there was a tub there before because the line going down must have went to tub spout. If it is not leaking leave it are cut it and cap.

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