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      Could someone give me the “standards” for deliver of hot water from the water heater to the kitchen sink, going a distance of approx. 50 feet through 3/4 inch copper uninsulated piping. What is the “normal” time this should take, and what standards can we state to let some owners know that this is reasonable. Also, how much water should be “wasted” before hot water hits the sink? Is there any benefit to insulate these pipes below the slab?

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Inuslating pipes below the slab is wise, especially in that the insulation gives room for the pipes to move as well as save heat. There is no standard for heat time; but insulation helps in that purpose.

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      Watcha mean there are no standards for such work – heck down here ya would’nt get 50 feet of uninsulated hot water piping past any of our inspectors or meet our standards!!!
      You don’t have energy saving standards there? – Geez I know the USA is the land of the free but this is just plain simple logic.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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