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      My husband and I recently moved (3wks)and noticed we had very little water pressure anywhere in the house. A friend who for for an appliance parts supplier told us that a few yrs ago there was a problem with some water heaters. Well after my husband checked and rechecked everything and couldn’t find a problem I decided to check into the water heater-checked the manufacturer, serial # etc and pulled it up on the internet-sure enough, we were one of the lucky ones-the company that made the ‘dip tubes for hot water heaters had a problem with them and it starts out slow-low pressure, eventually no hot water-next we took the pipe under kitchen sink apart husband went to basement and I was in kitchen, he flushed while I held a bucket to open pipe and out cane a bunch of pieces of white ‘plastic’ junk. I saw a lot of low or no hot water pressure inquiries and thought this is a possibility.The defective parts were manufactured by Perfection Corp. between August 1993 and Oct. 1996 and involved water heaters manufactured by A.O. Smith Corp., American Water Heater, Bradford White, Rheem & State Industries

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      Yup sounds like you got it figured out allrighty.

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