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      I had a new full-size electric water heater installed in a condo about 3 years ago. My current tenant
      complains that it only produces hot water for 10-12 minutes, then it becomes icy cold. She says this is unacceptable.
      Is 10-12 minutes unacceptable or is it normal on an electric water heater? It seems I had this problem with the last
      water heater and immediately after this one was installed. If I need to buy another one, is there a recommended brand?
      I paid $1000 for this one including installation and securing it according to safety specs which I heard was a
      rip-off. Please advise me. Thank you.

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      The thermostats could still be set at the factory 120 degrees which will only give about that much hot water. Or the lower element could be burned out which would also do it.

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