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      Bill Anderson

      I have a Crane Drexel toilet around 1949 – 1950, the tank has been replaced with a 1963 Crane tank. The toilet will not flush properly. I’ve replaced everything that could be replaced. I put CLR through the tank into the bowl, and it came out fine. I removed the toilet and had a camera placed down the drain pipe, no clogs. I placed a snake down the vent pipe, no clogs. I removed the tiolet, set it up in the bathtub, and it flushed properly five times in a row. After I put it all back together where it belonged, I stuck a hose in the bowl and let it run for 5 minutes, the bowl did not overflow. As soon as I flushed it, the bowl started to fill up. PLEASE HELP!!!!
      P.S. the toilet worked fine for three years, and the house is around 53 years old. Also, the sink and the bathtub both drain fine.

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like the flushing rim holes are half closed and if you have a jet hole in back of toilet check that. Take a mirrow and look under the rim and see if holes are open, take a wire coat hanger and cut and bend to fit and clean out holes.

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      Retired plbg1

      I forgot make sure 1/4″ tube is in over flow tube and that the tank is filled up to the mark in tank.

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      Some of the older Crane stools had a rubber orfice or jet that fit in the bowl between the tank and the bowl.If this is gone the stool will not flush right.Most of the time these orfices shrink or fell apart over a period of time and ended up in the flush rim of the stool.Sounds like you could use a new stool anyway.

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      Retired plbg1

      When you had it in the tub how did you flush it, if you used a bucket of water then that tells me the trouble is between the tank and the bowl.

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      Tired plbg. you amase me.Sounds like racefanone has the problem figured out and you want credit for it.You are a joke.

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