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      We’re remodeling a hi-rise condo in which all of the toilets use Sloan Valves. In one bathroom, we specified (after research) a rear spud toilet requiring a 10″ to 12″ rough-in. The studs in this case are 11″ from the wall. But after positioning the toilet (visual experiment only), we noticed that the back of the brass spud is only about 1″ from the tile, leaving no room for the Sloan’s down pipe (needs about 3″ clearance).

      The bottom line is this: the GC bought the toilet back in October, about 3 days after demo started. The architect clearly spec’d this toilet, but states that normal procedure is for the plumber to confirm fitting prior to purchase.

      Tomorrow I get to inform our hot-tempered GC that the toilet needs to go back. Should he have confirmed the fit first?

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      It is the Plumbers duty to check the rougin for the fix before the wall goes up, might check out a top spud toilet. Seems like I can remember that they roughin more then 10″.

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      Turns out that the dimensions shown in the Kohler pdf are not accurate (by about 3″ !!!)

      The toilet is being exchanged for a Gerber top spud.

      Thanks to all!

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