Water leaking in the walls and ticking sounds – help!

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      After using the taps or flushing the toilet, I will hear a rushing water noise coming from in the walls. This also happens when no one has used the water (we live in a very old semi-detached home). The toilet will also spontaneously make hissing or pulsing water noises. On top of all this, our water heater is making a very loud, fast ticking sound throughout the day that lasts for about 30 seconds. Can anybody help?? I am a new homeowner and know nothing about plumbing….

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      Sounds like a pipe is broke inthe wall and you hear the noise of water everytime somebody use a fix. Is there anoyher house on your sewer, its hard to say much because you do not explain much to go on. If you have a el. wh then that sound could be the water heating up in tank.

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      I would bet my plumbing license you dont have a broken pipe,if you did you would see water leaking.Your stool is probably leaking and needs repaired,maybe a new ballcock or flapper or both.You could also be hearing the sound of water draining when you use the taps.As retired plumber once said to another person “don’t listen to someone who doesn’t know about your problem”

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