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      Carmelo Toscano

      We have a 2-story house, with basement, on a well and with a water softner. About 2 months ago we noticed a signifigant drop in water pressure whenever we flushed the toilet, ran clothes washer or any 2 things at once. Both hot and cold water are affected. On the advice of my brother-in-law we replaced the pressure tank. This was no help. However, my husband did buy a larger tank than the original. Could this be the problem or something else? The problem is getting worse and sometimes there is no water upstairs when the washer is filling. Can we fix this ourselves or do we need a plumber?

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like you need a well man to ajust the controls right, next time dont listen to somebody who does not know about your problem.

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      If the pump is constantly running it may not
      be pumping up to pressure (pump,leak in a line or foot valve). If the pump shuts off and there is low pressure the pressure switch may be faulty.If the pressure in the tank is good and the house pressure
      sucks then something like the water softener could be plugged up with sand.On the bright side at least your pressure tank won’t be leaking any time soon.

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      The filter before the softner needed to be changed. Got to pay for a service call to figure that one out. Feeling pretty stupid right now

Viewing 3 reply threads
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