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      While trying to disconnect the P trap under my c. 1929 cast iron sink, my ever-helpful housemate broke the pipe just under the opening to the basin (it was corroded and weak).

      How do we go about fixing this? I assume (hope!) that the flange/drain can be removed and replaced with a new one, but I can’t see what’s holding it in. Does the flange thread into the sink? How do you get it out of there?

      Bear in mind that this is probably the original flange/drain, and there’s a bit of rust and corrosion involved.

      Thanks for your help!


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      It should have a hex nut holding it, if you cant get it loose then take a hacksaw and cut it as close to sink as you can and if part of nut is there take a small hammer and chisel and tap it off counter clock wise.

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      There’s no hex nut there to work with. It appears that the drain pipe broke off almost flush with the basin itself. Whatever threaded pipe is left is very corroded. Have any ideas how to get that piece out of there?


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