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      On reading the message archives (dated 4 years ago) regarding the above problem which I also have i.e., shower base leaking from the corner of the shower screen rotting the skirting of the adjacent wall, I was wondering if your solution to this lady’s problem still holds good.

      It seemed to be uniformly suggested at that time to have a copper tray made to the size of the shower cubicle and turned up 100mm on all corners. The edge tile around the shower taken out and all the floor tiles taken out inside the shower. When the new copper shower tray is fitted, connect and fill with water for 48 hours prior to re-tiling.

      Does this information still hold good in 2003 or is there a better method now?

      Would very much appreciate your comments as I have a mjaor problem which needs fixing.


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      We used to use sheet lead, but they have a membrain now you can use check your local Plumbing supply house.

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