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      I seem to be getting only hot water into my washing machine. I can have the program dial on cold water or hot water and only hot water is coming into the machine. This is a new machine but the existing hoses (and connections) were used (I did have this problem with the old machine too). This is an undercounter model and is installed in the kitchen using the piping under the sink.

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      Retired plbg1

      Take the hose off hw line and see if strainer is clear. Also check hot water faucet and see if hot water comes out.

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      I reckon our retired friend means take out the strainer on the COLD water hose and see if water comes out – if not then disconnect the hose of the COLD water tap and turn it on to see if water comes out.


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      Retired plbg1

      You are right , hit the wrong key.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      If all that fails, get an electrician to check if the cold solinoid is working.

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