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      Greetings from Montreal,

      This morning I notice my bathroom faucet was dripping. It was the hot water side. This evening I tried to shut off the water using the shutoff valve immediately prior to my water meter. This is not the main shutoff valve because I live in a duplex and the main shutoff valve shuts off the water to the whole building. The main valve branches off to two water meters, mine and my upstairs neighbor. Just prior to each meter there is a shutoff valve. That is the one I am writing about. I shutoff the valve, meaning I turned it clockwise…it seemed to enter the stem as per what you would expect. The thing is the valve did not shutoff anything …water flowed just like regular from all taps. I was quite flabbergasted!

      1) What is wrong with this valve?
      2) Can it be repaired? Does a washer need to be replaced?
      3) Does the whole valve need to be replaced?

      I phoned my upstairs neighbor and informed her I would shutoff the main water supply for a few minutes while I change a washer. So that problem is under control. But this shutoff valve problem is still bugging me…just I few months ago I used it to shutoff the water and everything was fine. Anyone have any ideas?

      Do I need to check all the valves? I live in a hundred year old building and everything is let’s say “well aged”.



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      Stop mucking about – valves are cheap enough and when faulty they are not worth repairing – get it replaced and eliminate the problem once and for all.!!!

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