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      Carl H

      I have a Euroflame boiler with a balanced flue, which keeps blowing out when there’s a westerly or northerly wind. I’m fed up with people telling me this isn’t possible – it is, and ours does. Does anyone know what it could be or what I can do to try to improve the situation?

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      Harold Kestenholz

      If it is a balanced flue where the intake and exhaust exit from the same side of the house with no partition between them, then look for a leak in a flue connection that permits a pressure change in one of the connections.

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      Your problem is certainly caused by one or two factors those being :
      1. A poorly sealed flue system or
      2. The incorrect flue terminal having been fitted to suit the environment in which it is operating.
      Personally I beleive you will find that when you get your gasfitter to check he will find that the inlet or cold tube is not sealed and allows the incomming air to mix with the exhausted air thus causing an imbalance within the flue sections which in turn will cause the heater to baffle and go out.
      Hope this helps but get a qualified person to effect repairs – leaking gas products can kill!!!

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      Thanks guys. I’m going to have a look this weekend. I’ve had two central heating companies out to service the boiler and neither of them has suggested these as causes. It’s an oil-fired boiler, and I’ve noticed some carbon(?) deposit along the plate at the top, which presumably is a slight exhaust leak. Maybe that’s all the problem is, or am I being too simplistic? Anyway, I’m going to turn it all off and take that top cover off and see what I can see. Any ‘dos or don’ts’? Any easy way of checking for leaks without killing myself?

      Thanks again.

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