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      I Have just experienced a sudden almost complete stoppage of Hot water to all taps? The intake tap to the hot water heater is open, the gas heater seems to be warm and working fine. Water runs a bit at at the sink or tub taps first then slows to a trickle. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Please e-mail me, Tom, at Thanks for any help.

      Tom D.

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      You got a mains pressure or a reduced pressure system there?

      If it was reduced pressure I would be looking at the pressure reducing valve firstly.
      If the clinder is feed from a “suppy tank” then it is likely you have a faulty ball cock valve and as a result you have now got an air lock in the system that needs bleeding out.

      If it was mains pressure I would look at the inlet connection to the cylinder it may be all gummed up and restrciting the flow.

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