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      I have a pedestal sink that I used to have a pvc drain pipe on it. I disliked the look of the pvc coming out from the sink to the wall so my father-in-law (a plumber) bought me a fancy chrome-plated p-trap. I replaced the pvc trap with the chrome-plated trap and everything worked (and looked) fine. Then we decided to get a new sink in that bathroom and, of course, the drain pipe in the new sink sits farther from the wall than the old sink did and won’t line up with the p-trap (it’s about 3/4″ out of line). Is it possible to somehow “fix” this problem without ripping out the old p-trap and replacing it with a longer one? I have seen flexible p-traps but they are plastic and then I’m back to square one (albeit with a new sink). Could I buy a p-trap with a broader curve that would just screw into the existing drain pipe? I could just ask my father-in-law how to fix this problem but if I do that, I’ll hear about for the next 20 years.


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      Retired plbg1

      You can solder a sweat extension piece on it, are get a sweat long tube coupling are get a longer trap.

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      Just get an extension and connect it to the trap arm. They come in 6″ and 12″ lenghts and have a slip nut connection on one end.Sounds like you need an 1 1/4 6 extension.No need to solder anything.Good grief tired plbg.what a reply.

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      Retired plbg1

      Acording to code you can only have 1 slip joint connection on sewer side of the trap, that slip joint con. is aganst the code, but do what you think is your way.

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      That must be a Missouri code. Iam sure he will have it inspected.He could tell the inspector you did it.

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      Bruce T

      Retired plumbing is correct with the codes.
      (as always)
      no more than ONE slipjoint after the trap..In fact it is common code in most of the CIVILIZED world!
      Retired plumbing has forgotten more about plumbing then you will probably ever learn JOMEISTER! I dont know what your beef is with him but you should be learning from him not badgering!
      (to get technical, there is supposed to be a de-sanko fitting on the sanitary tee if using a tube trap)
      This board blows!

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      word to your mother

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      Bruce,give us a break,you must be from Missouri too.The guy can’t even spell correct ex: are where or should be,vise versa.You must be his son or,maybe I should say are,or some relation. Tired plbg. should get a life.Some of his replies are,or, a joke,like you .

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      I’d like to forget more about plumbing than I know, but I’d keep fixing stuff in my dreams. The
      code changes faster than a crack hore in a turbo
      chevy sprint on a six lane freeway.It’s nice to do
      things rite though.Getting buddy to flash up the old b tank to fix his sink drain may be good if he
      didn’t want all the hair on his arms anyway.He should be able to get a longer trap.

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