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      I recently had a shower added to a tub that had a two handle Delta faucet. Now, when filling the tub, if you turn the hot and cold on over half way, water trickles out of the shower head. Any idea on what would cause this to happen and how I can get rid of this? Thanks!


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      there is a diverter dodad in the faucet that directsthe water to the spout yours is probably missing or was never there, you probably will have to replace the faucet or install a diverter ell from a company like grohe

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      A quick fix would be installing a chrome shut off made to go between the showerhead and shower arm.Alson makes them.Not a big deal.About a 10 minute job.When filling the tub ,just reach up and give the shut off a quarter turn,walla,mission accomplished.

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      but are’nt those things designed to dribble a little bit to provide a vacuum relief>

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