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      I am getting black rubbery particles in my hot water out of my kitchen faucet. I have replaced washers and cartridge in the single handled faucet last year and even though it didn’t completely eliminate the problem it seemed to have helped out a little bit.
      I have just drained my water heater and noticed some in the discharge. When I went back upstairs and turned on the kitchen faucet, there was an outpouring of black speced water. Could this have anything to do with the water heater? I replaced it in April, 2000. Could it be a problem with the Price Pfister kitchen faucet? I have copper pipes so I don’t think that is the problem. Please help.
      Thanks, Tony

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      Do you get it on any other faucet if so then start at wh valve and take loose and see if washer is bad. If you dont get it in the cw then check all your stops on the hw fix. stops too. If you get it on cw then start at the service and check all stops and PRV if you have one.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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