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      Hoping someone can help here:

      1 In my shower when I turn on the cold water tap it makes a high pitched whining noise and I have to keep fiddling so it stops. I’ve just had the washers replaced in this tap.

      2 When I turn my cold tap on in my hand basin the water starts coming out then almost immediately the pressure drops right back and makes a bit of a thumping noise then as I continue to turn the tap it is ok again. This tap is new and was ok for a while but has just started doing this.

      Thanks for your help.

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      jensee. Sorry to say this but you or someone in your house is heavy handed when turning the taps off. You sound as though you come from Australia so I would suggest you get a Licensed plumber to supply & install Ceramic seated taps.

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      Robert – Thanks for your reply. I’m a bit puzzled though as to why if I’ve had washers replaced and new taps put in, that I’ve got these problems occurring since then. You’re right, I was heavy handed before I had this done. What’s so good about ceramic seated taps that would fix my problem?

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      jensee, ceramic seats are non rising& are either on or off.
      your jumper valve taps are rising stem & if you have had the seats reseated, did you do them yourself? and were they done with a tapered type reseater or a parallel or Hydroseal type reseater?
      I have had ceramic seats in my own home since 1986 & never had a leak.


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      In reply to part #2 pull of your supply line flush it and check for obstructons. I usualy use a bucket under the sink with the supply line still hooked to the shut off valve. Then I back flush through the faucet into the bucket as well. Check for flow if its good hook it back up. Don’t forget to clean your areator screen.

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      Hey Rooster, what jensee is describing in part 2 is the washer worn down till it goes down past the seat, thereby when the tap is turned on pressure comes out because of build up but because the valve stem & part of the washer is down past the seat it vibrates or thumps until the valve raises past the seat & then he has pressure & flow.

      This is almost always caused by home handymen reseating their own taps with handyman tools & over zealous turning off of the tap. In USA you call them Faucets.

      Mr jensee should call a licensed plumber & consider Ceramic seats.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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